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Chic Fabulous Funboy Floaties | Summer Relaxation away From Stinky Sweaty NYC


The new accessory of the summer isn’t just a cute suit, but also a floaty to match. Funboy has taken floaties to a whole new level. If I have a few grand to blow I would just continually add different Funboy floaties to my cart. Not only do they make for a fun Instagram, but they are also ginormous so you can actually relax in them while soaking up the sun. You can purchase pretty much anything that you can think of. From a rainbow floating cloud bar to a shot ski, and a llama.


You’ve seen hundreds of pizza floaties before I’m sure. The Big Mouth brand can be found in a random assortment of retailers from Target to Forever 21, and even Saks OFF 5th. But in reality, the pizza isn’t very practical depending on your height if you can fit on it without falling off. Hence, why the Funboy boats and cars are some of my favorites. The 1950s pink convertible and white boat were the perfect sizes to sprawl out while tanning. The 1950s pink convertible even has a space in the back to hold a cooler.


My suit: Violet purple is a color that I had been seeing everywhere! I happened to find this violet purple color on the Forever 21 “leftovers” rack of swimsuits. This trip was the end of August, so most retailers were starting to clearance off all of their suits. It took some digging but I finally was able to find both pieces in my size.

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The next vacation you take (or if you are lucky enough to have warm weather year-round), which Funboy floaty will you showcase?! If you are not one of the sunshine year round states, they also have snow floaties as well!

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