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Coach Presents: Life Coach



Pop-ups are nothing new in NYC. In fact, it is almost somewhat of a competition when it comes to who does it best. Whether the pop-up is on a popular street corner, or across from a smelly fish shop in Chinatown, it really does not matter. All you need to do is meet my needs of:

A: Have multiple photo-ops with a reputable account to tag in my photos
B: Some sort of free incentive: this could be either food or a sample
C: If you are both a free event with samples #Amazing

Coach’s Life Coach event ended up completely transforming their pop up into three different themes. Shimmer confetti streamers led you into the first part of the “Life Coach” journey. A woman handed you a little coin purse. This became your ticket into the activities in each room.

Their Advertisement for the event: “Hello…your future is calling. Are you going to pick up? Life Coach is an interactive experience that will heighten your senses, stimulate your soul and wake up all the feels. You’ll find games, fortunes and toolkits for self-expression—and other thrills for your third eye. Walk-ins are welcome and admission is free. #LifeCoachNY

The first room was painted head to toe white. The white was no longer white at all. Graffiti, signatures and sayings in marker, and stickers were randomly dispersed everywhere. Upon entering you come to realize that this white graffiti room is actually modeled after an old New York Subway Car. There was a small booth where you could exchange a token for a bucket of markers and stickers of your choosing. I did not go wild with this blank canvas. I just wrote “Megzy” and #BossWomenWords, while slapping a few stickers here and there. I felt as if I had made my mark, and was ready to go onto the second room.

Again, giant streamers initially shaded your view from peering into the second portion of this adventure. Once entering, you found yourself in an enchanted forest carnival. From ski ball, to cotton candy, a carousel unicorn, photo booth, the strength hammer, a fortune teller, spin-the-wheel, and even a postcard making section.

Through the final barrier of streamers, another world was waiting for us on the other side. I honestly felt like I was on a movie set. It was a mystical forest with tents, tree branches everywhere, the lighting was dark and moody as well. If you had gotten lucky and found a giant coin in your bag, then in this final section you would be able to sit and speak with a psychic. We weren’t the lucky winners, but I honestly do not believe in those people anyways. Right before exiting we did a card to redeem a free personalized leather Coach tag in the Soho store. I ended up going and getting a Rexy one made!

Overall: I honestly did not understand the creative behind this event and how it relates back to Coach.


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