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Vinho Verde Wine Experience: Wine from Portugal with Muses & Canoe Studios

Vinho Verde Wine Experience: Wine from Portugal

Do you ever just feel like traveling around the world, and with each stop along the way trying out different wines? Well, if you asked me, my hand would be raised for yes. An opportunity through the app Muses came along to attend the Vinho Verde Wine Experience with the In House Team. Right above the Hudson River, we found ourselves walking into Canoe Studios filled with hundreds of bottles of wine from Portugal.

Learn More: Here 

The List of Winemakers can be Found: Here 


Canoe Studios is an amazing space. The wide open floor plan allows plenty of room for just about anything. An entire wall of windows looks down onto the Hudson from 14 floors up. We could see the city skyline along with the water sparkling, and ecstatic boaters cruising along.

Upon entering, we were each handed a wine glass with the Vinho Verde logo. This was our “key” to receiving any wine tasting.

Each winemaker had their own table. There was no set rotation that you had to stick to in order to visit each vendor, you could simply wander as you pleased. Walking up to each vendor, they would typically have red & white wine, along with a Rosé. I personally am not a wine connoisseur, I have actually never been to a vineyard or wine tasting class. When each vendor spoke to their wines, it was eye opening to hear the origins of the wine, how long it takes to make them to perfection, and food pairings to bring out the best in your tastebuds.

Soalheiro for example, is great with seafood. This will bring out more of the fruity taste in each wine.

There were also tables for various food vendors such as Eataly with an amazing giant block of cheese.



My Look:

This white dress is from Boohoo. Boohoo is always a hit or miss for me with sizing. Although you can easily return things, it is a pain to ship back something overseas. I did not know if I would be a size 2 or 4, but went with size 4 to be safe. Everything is typically on sale as well. I am now realizing in these sunlit photos that this dress although it is lined, is see through! Gasp. Thank god for wearing white undies. Cheaper fabrics in white I will stay away from, from now on. My sock booties are from the Simply Vera line at Kohl’s. My hair consists of a top-knot bun with a gold circular ponytail to add a little accent.

This is the Lace Bodycon Mini Dress. 






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