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University of Minnesota Football

You always appreciate more when it is not as close to you on a regular basis. People are not joking when they say to “enjoy the last college days that you have left.” Although towards the final stretch of the end of college we are all ready to put the textbooks away and end the misery of being a poor college student, there is so much more to it.

In college you can do as you please, study where and when you want to, and become inclusive to all of the college perks and deals. When you enter the 9-5 world (we all know it is never strictly just 9-5), you cannot do what you want when you please. Depending on your work environment, you are assigned to sit at a desk and do your work. Yes you can get up for lunch and bathroom breaks, but a large majority of people eat at their desk. When you are hourly every moment in the office counts, and when you are salary sometimes you feel as if you can never leave your desk.

This all came into realization when I went back to the alma mater for a football game. It was against our Big 10 rivals, the Wisconsin Badgers. I had held onto a school sweater, and paired it with a pearled beret.

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