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A Trip to Paris with Sockopath


Socks are something that no one really sees under your shoes (unless you are a socks and crocs kinda girl), so then why do we always feel the need to buy more? Sock’s can range from a cheap 6-pack at Marshall’s for $4.99 to $55.00 for one pair of cashmere socks. I find them a fun small dose of serotonin. Either serving as workout motivation, as a fashion statement, comfort, warmth, status symbol, or even just a way to help match your socks easier vs. having a giant pile of socks after a load of laundry — they serve as so much more than just warmth.

Sockopath creates fun and creative sock assortments. I chose the Eiffel Tower assortment, because what girl doesn’t like Paris? From Ooo-LaLa, to a vespa, the Eiffel Tower, and shoes with the Eiffel Tower for the heel, how could you not fall in love?

I paired the socks with an adorable Kate Spade polka dot sleep dress.




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