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Candlelit Dinner Swirling with Sirtaki | Dancing the Night Away in Kalambaka, Greece

Kalambaka is less than a 10 minute drive from Meteora, a hidden gem of true Greek tradition

Traditional Dancing | Sirtaki/Syrtaki

Traditional Greek dancing, specifically line dancing is so special to the culture because Greek’s believed that the Gods only gave the talent of dancing to certain people. The dancing includes dancing in lines and circles, constantly hopping and quick foot changes – although it may look easy to do, once you try and jump in you realize how intricate each step is.

The entire group lit up as we watched the locals play traditional music and dance. There is just something about the authenticity of sharing this experience over a candle light dinner vs. going to a rehearsed performance. The quaint size of the room, low lights, and the opportunity to join in on the dances is what really made the night special.

My Look | Blazer Dress | Knee High Boots

I love a blazer dress because your look is put together with just one piece with an elegant touch at the same time

Pop of Red

Our Dinner

Our home cooked meal consisted of greek salad, grape leaves, chicken, rice, Moussaka, Papoutsakia, Pastitsio, and so much more. If you want to get some Greek dishes cooking in your own kitchen, try out one of these cook books, it’s not as intimidating as you may think.

Candlelit Dinner Swirling with Sirtaki | Dancing the Night Away in Kalambaka, Greece

15 Best Things to Do in Kalambaka Greece

This town is surrounded by various monasteries. If you are unfamiliar with what a monastery is, this is where monks live. There are various types of monks in the world, one monk that I am sure you have heard of is Jay Shetty. A monk dedicates their life to serving others, and although all don’t live in large giant monasteries, the buildings in Kalambaka are breathtaking and are worth the trip.

Trending Busts for your home | Small Desk Decor or Full Figure Statues 

As you can see the hotel has an assortment of Greek bust figurines throughout the lobby, here are some smaller scale options to add into your own home:

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