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The White Marlin Open: Ocean City Maryland – The World’s Largest Billfish Tournament

· The fishing tournament where anyone can come out a Millionaire ·

Why do people wake up at 3:00am and deprive themselves of sleep for a week? This tournament does not limit you to the size of your boat, or your experience level. Whether you have a 92 foot long Viking Yacht fishing boat or a 34 foot fiberglass boat, once you pay the entry fee it’s…

Fila: The Rise of the “Dad Shoe”

· Dad shoes have become a personal serious addiction. ·

When I got my first pair of Dad shoes about a year ago I will admit I was very skeptical of this new style. I had purchased a sequined version of the “Dad Shoe” for a music festival because I thought of these as more of an event or costume shoe vs. an everyday shoe….

I’m on Hearst Tower! With @Trench

@Trench an online clothing swap app. Trench solves this with their app. The currency is diamonds instead of dollars, and you can swap clothing with diamonds, just pay shipping. This allows you to swap clothes in the sense that you are getting another clothing item that is the same value as what you sold. Vs the typical scenario of selling something on Poshmark for $10.00 that you originally paid $50.00 for.