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Lattes that are Prada, Dior & More! Stylishly caffeinated | Coffee ‘n Clothes| Designer Lattes in NYC you MUST Visit

· Sipping on Prada never felt so good ·

You can’t get a Gucci latte at the Gucci store, nor can you get a Nike latte at the Nike store. So, how does one obtain these beautifully crafted lattes? The answer is Coffee ’n Clothes. $5.75 for an oat milk latte is nothing new in NY, so why not have your latte exude a little more flair for the same cost?

QUEEN V – A One-stop Shop for Feminine Wellness

This brand is: For women by women, made in the U.S.A., gynecologist approved, pH-balanced, better for you ingredients, and even cruelty free. No one wants to be putting chemicals down there! There is even a daily UTI preventative supplement, and an anti-chafing stick.

The White Marlin Open: Ocean City Maryland – The World’s Largest Billfish Tournament

· The fishing tournament where anyone can come out a Millionaire ·

Why do people wake up at 3:00am and deprive themselves of sleep for a week? This tournament does not limit you to the size of your boat, or your experience level. Whether you have a 92 foot long Viking Yacht fishing boat or a 34 foot fiberglass boat, once you pay the entry fee it’s…