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Tag: Holidays

  • SantaCon NYC | One of NYC’s Most Coveted Bar Crawls

    SantaCon NYC | One of NYC’s Most Coveted Bar Crawls

    This was my first SantaCon, and it was a perfect snow-free day. Last year during this time I was sitting in City Bakery sipping one of their famous hot cocoas (with the giant marshmallow) while the snow poured down. It was a slushy mess out there and I was not having any Fomo. FIRST RULE:…

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  • A Party on Your Feet: Sequin Socks

    A Party on Your Feet: Sequin Socks

    A Party on Your Feet: Sequin Socks Socks and heels are not only fashionable but also functional in a city that becomes filled with snow. Inspired by countless Instagrams I decided to try out the look myself. These Free People sequin socks with some gold 1.5″ heels. Pairing the heels and socks with a solid…

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  • Commando Shapewear Leggings

    Commando Shapewear Leggings

    I initially was under the impression that Shapewear was only for special occasions, or for people trying to “tuck that tummy in.” With brands like Miraclesuit having slogans promising that you will: “Look 10 pounds lighter in 10 seconds” I correlated a sense of discomfort towards shapewear. With your body being squeezed into garments for…

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  • All I see are Ruffles

    All I see are Ruffles

    Ruffles go with essentially everything, and quite frankly every body part. You can find ruffled pants, shirts, skirts, T shirts, long sleeve shirts, chokers, and even shoes. I love to incorporate this ruffled part of fast fashion into an everyday look because this detail can easily dress something up in a casual and comfortable way.…

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  • Bootaybag #Undermatters

    Bootaybag #Undermatters

    Monthly subscriptions are one of my favorite things because I always find a sense of joy opening the mailbox after work to find a surprise. Working in a lingerie buying office, I have become somewhat of an underwear-connoisseur.Bootaybag is $12.00 a month for two pairs of underwear. This is an amazing deal considering that most…

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