• The H Blanket & H Pillow Biggest SALE of the Season! Hermes Dupes under $50.00 #LTKSale

    The H Blanket & H Pillow Biggest SALE of the Season! Hermes Dupes under $50.00 #LTKSale

    The H Blanket & H Pillow Biggest SALE of the Season! Hermes Dupes under $50.00 #LTKSale. The Hermes Avalon Throw Blanket also known as the “H” Blanket along with matching “H” Pillows are now on sale for as low as $33, and $46! These blankets are a steal when it comes to how close they look and feel to the real style by Hermes. Although you can find the H Pillow and H Blanket dupes everywhere from Amazon, Wayfair, DH Gate, to Etsy, you will not find one at this low price anywhere else for the same superior quality from The Styled Collection.

  • Churros On the go with MetRX Meal Replacement Bar


    When was the last time you had a fresh Churro (aside from Taco Bell)… how amazing is that you can have that savory taste in a meal replacement protein bar!
    When time is ticking by faster than you can control, sometimes all you need is a meal replacement bar. Although the fact that having your entire meal replaced by a bar takes out the fun of cooking and having an array of tastes, I am sure that you would also rather have something on the go over not having anything at all.

  • SkinStore Prestige Beauty Sets Holiday Party | @ CloudM New York Bowery

    You may have come across SkinStore thought the LIKEtoKNOW.it app, or another affiliate sites. Personally I did not know that this beauty retailer even existed until I started working for it, imagine that! Long story short they are one of Europe’s #1 Beauty retailers. The most similar website that may ring a bell for you would be Dermstore or SpaceNK. Luxury beauty and skincare is their bread and butter. The event at CloudM was all about the Holiday season, showcasing limited edition holiday sets.

  • Spectacular Byzantine Meteora Monasteries in Absolute Isolation| Kalambaka

    Spectacular Byzantine Meteora Monasteries in Absolute Isolation| Kalambaka

    Since early Christian times, the cliffs of Meteora were regarded as a perfect place to achieve absolute isolation. From the images below you can see that when fog races over the land, the cliffs are almost completely hidden. These monasteries are perched on sheer-sided gray rock pinnacles of varied shapes. The angle at which the structures sit on the rock gives off an amazing illusion that the monasteries are suspended in mid-air. The monks that live here are dedicated to their religion. Monk culture varies across Christian, Orthodox, Catholic, and a handful of other religions.

  • Olympia Greece|Exploring Zeus’s original Olympic Game Stomping Grounds

    Olympia Greece|Exploring Zeus's original Olympic Game Stomping Grounds

    Olympia is home to the original Olympic Games | Olive Oil was their “amour.” The opportunity to firmly plant two feet onto the original Olympic Game battlegrounds is something that everyone should experience. Although the stadium is just dirt, within a few moments of letting your eyes close and mind explore, you can quickly envision the Gymnasium full of 40,000 spectators cheering on Zeus and the others; Poseidon, Hera, Demeter, and Hestia.

  • The McKittrick Hotel | An Alluring & Theatrical Hitchcock Halloween Party

    The McKittrick Hotel | Alfred Hitchcock Halloween Party

    This Halloween party held a “Great Gatsby” level of decadent production. There was a full-on theatrical Hitchcock production in each room across various floors of The McKittrick Hotel. This hotel on W27th Street in Chelsea, is known for being the best of the best when it comes to theatrical performances, as they are known for Shakespeare’s Sleep No More. The hotel holds “Eclectic interactive performances in a 5-story pseudo hotel (warehouse) with oddball settings & bar.”