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  • Show me your Mumu Bayside Swim Suit X Maryland

    The moment I set my eyes on this Show Me Your Mumu swimsuit I knew I needed to have it. Typically I will shy away from any sort of white swimsuit because I am very fair-skinned. But the gold accented belt, 1950s high waist look, and eyelet details pulled me in to looking past the white.

  • Popsugar Playground 2019

    Popsugar covers the latest trends to fitness, food, celebrities, beauty, family, vulture, money, pets, and these are brought together in Popsugar/Playground

  • 7 Elsa Costume Essentials

    Regardless if it is Halloween or any of the 365 days out of the year, here are my favorite picks for creating an Elsa look. You by all means do not need all of these to look and feel like Elsa! Whether it is one or two pieces, have fun getting dressed up in the process.