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  • A Dolce & Gabbana Kitchen is Attainable | Renaissance Majolica Art Patterns in Partnership with SMEG | #DGSICILYISMYLOVE

    Yes a Dolce & Gabbana Kitchen is Possible | Maiolica Patterns

    Get ready to have the kitchen that is the talk of the entire neighborhood with Dolce & Gabbana. This isn’t Smeg’s and Dolce’s first rodeo. They have collaborated in the past to bring together the best of the best when it comes to expertise in both fashion and home design. #DGSicilyismyLove2017. The delicate ocean blues paired with the historic Majolica patterns create a unique luxurious Italian look.

  • Shayne Silk Scrunchies | The Handmade Touch of Silk | Made in NYC

    Shayne Silk Scrunchies | The Handmade Touch of Silk | Made in NYC

    Shayne was created by two sisters with a passion for size inclusivity and bringing transparency to the consumer on how their clothes are made. They incorporate amazing silks in their hair accessories and clothing pieces.
    Scrunchies can make any look feel a little more put together. The best part about it, if you don’t feel like doing your hair just throw a scrunchie on.

  • Rolf’s German Christmas Bar NYC | The Most Grandiose Decorations & Drinks

    Don’t know what to do in NYC during the holiday season? Rolf’s is seriously one of the most magical places during the holiday season. The annoyance of a small space is immediately overtaken by the decadence of the decor. Once you have taken in the space it feels like you have been engulfed by an entire Christmas tree. No need for the grandiose size of something similar to the Rockefeller tree, this quaint bar is all you need during the holiday season.

  • How to Sleigh SantaCon | NYC SantaCon 2019

    Yes it is named SantaCon, but you will see a handful of elves, reindeer, even someone dressed as a bag of toys or coal. Even if you just have a holiday sweater or a red skirt, that will do. By all means even wear your pajamas! You will see so many people in onesies. SantaCon welcomes all, well (all with a valid ID of the appropriate drinking age).