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  • The #BumbleHiveNYC Feat. Editors @ Cosmopolitan Magazine

    The #BumbleHiveNYC Feat. Editors @ Cosmopolitan Magazine

    My pet peeve is when someone has this perception that everything Whether it is housing, food, activities, clothes, etc. in New York is expensive. Open your eyes, there is this thing, and it is called Google, or Eventbrite. You can search “free things to do near me.” Walla! Thousands of results just popped up on your […]

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  • Kimono: Nasty Gal Liquidation Sale

    Kimono: Nasty Gal Liquidation Sale

    I was rapidly adding items to my cart during the last few days of the Nasty Gal going out of business sale. A girl like me cannot turn down ten dollar cute items. In no time at all I can meet that free shipping minimum. This kimono online was one of the typical online shopping […]

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  • Long Distance Relationships 

    Long Distance Relationships 

    When you are used to seeing your significant other everyday or multiple times a week, a long distance relationship initially sounds unbearable. With the constant seamless communication between either an Iphone or Droid glued to your hands, communication wouldn’t be a problem right? Some couples may agree, some may disagree. Being apart allows both your partner […]

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  • Over 100 Job Applications Later

    Over 100 Job Applications Later

    Rewind to the end of April. Each day there were a million things running through my mind. The most apparent thought that would never leave was “when will I get a job?” It would just circulate endlessly while I looked at the extensive to-do list in my planner. Oh, and not just any job, but a job across the country. New York was the destination, and it seemed like my dreams were just never going to happen.

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