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  • Shayne Silk Scrunchies | The Handmade Touch of Silk | Made in NYC

    Shayne Silk Scrunchies | The Handmade Touch of Silk | Made in NYC

    Shayne was created by two sisters with a passion for size inclusivity and bringing transparency to the consumer on how their clothes are made. They incorporate amazing silks in their hair accessories and clothing pieces.
    Scrunchies can make any look feel a little more put together. The best part about it, if you don’t feel like doing your hair just throw a scrunchie on.

  • I’m on Hearst Tower! With @Trench

    @Trench an online clothing swap app. Trench solves this with their app. The currency is diamonds instead of dollars, and you can swap clothing with diamonds, just pay shipping. This allows you to swap clothes in the sense that you are getting another clothing item that is the same value as what you sold. Vs the typical scenario of selling something on Poshmark for $10.00 that you originally paid $50.00 for.

  • Trench: Your Never Ending Closet

    Adi Shemesh is originally from Tel Aviv, Israel. After attending college for Economics and Business Administration, she eventually decided that she wanted to go the entrepreneurial route. So what is Trench? Trench is an app, and more specifically your never ending closet in the sense that once you wear something, it no longer needs to go to waste.

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