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Celebrity Encounters

  • Wizard Bonnie Wright |Amazing Swimsuits Made of Water Bottles | FairHarbor

    Wizard Bonnie Wright |Amazing Swimsuits Made of Water Bottles | FairHarbor

    Bonnie Wright has turned her love of film making into an exciting journey that has also led her to become an entrepreneur/designer. On her quest to make a film about our earth, she collaborated with an eco-friendly brand. Fair Harbor is where you can find her swimsuit collection collaboration that is taking conscious clothing to a whole new level.
    We spent the night sipping on Noble Oak Double Oak Bourbon, and nibbling on sushi from Beyond Sushi NYC. Bonnie as well as her business parters gave a small speech and then it was time try on some swimsuits.

  • I’m on Hearst Tower! With @Trench

    @Trench an online clothing swap app. Trench solves this with their app. The currency is diamonds instead of dollars, and you can swap clothing with diamonds, just pay shipping. This allows you to swap clothes in the sense that you are getting another clothing item that is the same value as what you sold. Vs the typical scenario of selling something on Poshmark for $10.00 that you originally paid $50.00 for.

  • Rae Sremmurd & Swae Lee: 1 Oak NYC

    There is no “weekend” for 1 Oak as every night is an exclusive gathering. You can find 1 Oak in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dubai, Tokyo, and the Maldives. With their state of the art DJ Booth, the venue never fails to deliver a night of dancing, drinking, and schmoozing.

  • Trench: Your Never Ending Closet

    Adi Shemesh is originally from Tel Aviv, Israel. After attending college for Economics and Business Administration, she eventually decided that she wanted to go the entrepreneurial route. So what is Trench? Trench is an app, and more specifically your never ending closet in the sense that once you wear something, it no longer needs to go to waste.

  • Gurls Talk: Adwoa Aboah

    Gurls Talk: Adwoa Aboah
    Teen Vouge and Coach. Gurls Talk: The main face behind this organization is model Adwoa Aboah. Gurls Talk is a platform for women to have a voice in just about any topic. Main subjects of the New York event were mental health, sexuality, and body image acceptance.

  • Con Body

    Con Body

    Saks Fifth Avenue and an ex-con does not sound like the correct match, right? Well, wrong! Why did Saks take on a new…

  • GENERATION BEAUTY: IPSY Javits Center NYC | Working the Green Room with Nikki Tutorials, Nikita Dragun, Christen Dominique, etc.

    WE LUCKED OUT! One of the managers of the event led us to “The Green Room.” Walking in right away your eyes are drawn to the Ipsy floral mural on the wall, the selfie lighting, couches, catered food, and all of the influencers and creatives. Our task for the day was to become personal assistants for the creatives and influencers. They made it very clear that if you were to ask for a photo, phone number, or even started a conversation with anyone that you would be asked to leave. I had no problem keeping it together as I am not a Beauty Youtube Guru by any means.