Brooklyn Photoshoot Ideas | Gettin' Groovy Satisfying a Need for Sparkles

Brooklyn Photoshoot Ideas | Gettin’ Groovy Satisfying a Need for Sparkles

· All photos taken by Some Shelly Photography ·


334 Furman Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Brooklyn Photoshoot Ideas | Gettin' Groovy Satisfying a Need for Sparkles

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When it comes to a photoshoot you don’t need a reason to put on something that stands out. Whether that literally means something that is not solid black, white, or grey, you do you when it comes to a comfort zone. Or it could mean putting on something that is bright yellow, tulle, or showing some skin, go where your inner confidence is beaming.

I chose this outfit honestly- randomly. I saw this jumpsuit in a vintage shop, and knew in the back of my mind that I had these retro glasses, therefore decided to just put 2+2 together.

Don’t know where to shoot? Brooklyn has so many Hidden Jems!

Here is an article to get your wheels turning on where you may want to start a photoshoot.

Some Shelly Photography | Brooklyn Bridge Park 334 Furman Street

This is the PERFECT place for a photoshoot because you can get the background of the bridge, and also find an angle for your shot with no bystanders in the background. This is because this back brick area isn’t somewhere that people hang around and the space is large. We shot this on a sunny Saturday afternoon, and as you can see the background is clear of crowds.

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