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Nov 2023
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The Best of Breck | Breckinridge Girls Weekend How to Plan an Amazing Trip

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Transportation & Where to Stay

Whether you drive or fly, you won’t be able to directly land right in Breckinridge. A group of five of us split an Uber from Denver to Breckinridge – this is 100% doable splitting the fair. If you were to Uber/Lyft that far on your own it may lead to a pretty steep bill. There are many Airbnbs, cabins, lodges, and hotels to accommodate any size group.

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Get ready for a long drive!

Weather permitting- our ride in to the actual Breckinridge area to our Airbnb was hours, and hours, long with traffic. If the weather is bad you are in for an even longer journey.

Snowsuits – You don’t even have to worry about multiple pieces just throw it on!

We personally chose to go with an Airbnb so that we wouldn’t have to worry about smashing all of our gear into a small hotel, it is just so much more comfortable and you do not have to keep your noise levels as low.


As you may know, weed is legal in Colorado. After initially flying into Denver to our friends apartment before heading out to Denver, we wanted to visit a dispensary. Do not be intimidated- the staff is there to walk you through different types, strengths, uses, ways to consume, how and when to consume, etc. no judgment. Know you can’t bring it back with you on the plane? Get a disposable pen.

Interested in finding one near you? Visit: Weed Maps

Packing Tips

Flying or driving? Regardless of which of those first two you are doing, you will need to eventually get yourself and all of your belongings into a car. This is because you cannot fly directly into Breckinridge, only in Denver’s airport. Regardless you will need to get on highway I-70. Rent as much equipment as you can! If you can even rent or borrow bulky snow gear I would suggest that as well, because even those vacuum seal bags don’t save as much room as you’d like.

326 S. Main Street | Great Italian Restaurant

Things to do | On and off the Ski Hill

In the Breckinridge area, you will find plenty of little local shops, wineries, restaurants, bars, and even specialty food such as walk-up crepes. There are festivals year-round check out their event calendar here.

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