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Antiquing in Brooklyn | $0 Chair?! #Stooping | How to Find Deals on Furnishing your Apartment

Antiquing in Brooklyn | $0 Chair?! #Stooping | How to Find Deals on Furnishing your Apartment

Whether you are planning on staying in your current living situation for 1 month, 1 year, or the rest of your life, it is never a bad idea to try and antique and or stoop. Negotiating is welcomed and with stooping, all you need is to find your own transportation to get them item home.

Just a Few of The Antique Shops in Brooklyn, there are so many! I went to Reuse America

What is Stooping?

Stooping is looking stoop to stoop and seeing what was left out for anyone to take. You can get lucky and come across something that is worth thousands of dollars with no sign of wear. I didn’t know about stooping for the first 2 years that I lived in NYC, I really wish I would have learned about it sooner!

@StoopingNYC | One person’s trash is another person’s treasure! If you do live in the Greater NYC area, check out their Instagram. To some a pile of ceramic angels may be strange, to others it’s something that they have been searching you.

| Some of the things that they have recently posted as up for grabs |

Trend forward chairs, even an air fryer!

Just stoop and antique at your own risk! If your immune system doesn’t get along with old dust then maybe don’t pick up the chairs. Also smell and inspect everything – you want to make sure this item is worth the time and effort lugging it into your home.

I Visited:
  • Reuse America: 387 Bushwick Ave
  • There was a HUGE selection of products, but be prepared to dig around. Once you see something you want, try and flag down the

    My Purchases: Bar Cart | Antique Chair | Bar Accessory

    Placed in my Apartment

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