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Bring Your Boyfriend in Front of the Camera | Baes in Brooklyn | Long Distance Relationship Advice

Bring Your Boyfriend in Front of the Camera | Baes in Brooklyn | Long Distance Relationship Advice

Long Distance Relationship Gifts & Fun Surprises

Some couples really have to push through distance when they are living on opposite sides of the United States, or even the world. My boyfriend and I do not have a bi-coastal relationship, but the distance between New York and Minnesota isn’t exactly a car ride away either- this girl is not taking a 20 hour car ride or countless plane rides back and forth to see him.

Words of Advice

It sounds so simple, but may not always be the easiest thing to do. Enjoy and make the best of the time that you do have with each other. Regardless of what mood you are in, late flights, feeling under the weather, stress at work, etc. just put that all behind you. Don’t look at the clock, look at each other!

Brooklyn can be breathtaking in some areas. One of my favorite areas is what you see below

Not only are you on the water in this area, but you also are near so many different “backdrops” vs. the typical NY streets where you are constantly shuffled among bystanders and street signs.

We shot along the Brooklyn Park Greenway | Dumbo Brooklyn

Right behind us is Jane’s Carousel, and then there is also a large warehouse space where you can find countless food vendors. Somewhat similar to the Chelsea Market.

Bae or no bae you need to take a stroll across the Brooklyn park 

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Pink on Pink on Pink: I went with somewhat of a monochrome inspired look pairing pink with sheer pink, magenta, with a slightly risqué sheer puff top, and metallic bra under.  I added the white and gold belt for a little

All photos taken by Some Shelly Photography

Check her out here

The restaurant right next to the Brooklyn Park Greenway is: The River Cafe which has beautiful waterfront views. It was so beautiful and sunny outside that the wait was hours long so we went next door for lunch.

Ceconi’s – A Quaint French restaurant 

I loved the black and white stripes, chandeliers, and the air conditioning wasn’t a bad idea either on this sunny day. Check out the menu here.

Where we were staying this week  | The Martinique New York | Herald Square 

Of course we could stay in my apartment when Pat visits, but why not make the time seeing each other a little more special and intimate in a hotel? I let him take the reins of finding out where to stay. This top floor penthouse room has been a room that we’ve come back to! Much love for The Martinique in Herald Square by Hilton.

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