3 Easy Grocery Store Photoshoot Ideas | NYC Pinterest Perfection

3 Easy Grocery Store Photoshoot Ideas | NYC Pinterest Perfection

· All photos taken by Some Shelly Photography ·

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You can spend hours sourcing a public location for a photoshoot in any city- Come shoot day all can be ruined with random bystanders in the background

3 Easy Grocery Store Photoshoot Ideas | NYC Pinterest Perfection

Of course, you can always politely ask someone to move out of the way of your photo -give them the silent eye-nudge toward the person with you holding a camera or a phone.

They might not move, nor do they have to.

If someone does move out of the way, that doesn’t mean that the coast will stay clear long enough to not only snap a few shots but also get that perfect picture that you have been envisioning in your mind. People who do not give two sh*ts about your photoshoot will come along as well and may even purposely linger just to test your patience.

I have an easy plan that will stop you from ever having this issue.

The Solution?

Before planning any photoshoot, especially in a populated area like NYC or LA, make the initial decision on how important that location is to you, your feed, the brand you are working for, etc. If it really is the missing puzzle piece then be prepared to wake up at 4:00 am and be at your location at sunrise before the crowds start

If early mornings are not your thing & You don’t want to pay for a private studio I suggest: These #FREE Options!

  • Any Drugstore: CVS, Wallgreens, Etc. | Aisles to shoot in: Beauty, Cereal, Snacks, Magazines
  • Grocery Store: Big or small, find your favorite food and use that as your backdrop. Food makes for fun props
  • Gas Station or Bodega | Inside or outside there are plenty of backdrops and props
  • A Beautiful Door | Even if you are not allowed into the building, just grab the handle as if you are entering
  • A Crosswalk or Stoplight
  • A Bookstore | Used or New a great solid backdrop
  • Across the Street from you | Think Cartier NYC Christmas that was all over Insta
  • A Fountain | Think how innovative the Friends intro footage is
  • Any sort of Nature

Or maybe even on the way to one of these locations you will come across something even better, then snap away friend! Sometimes the best locations end up being what you can’t even scope out

Now.. What to Wear?

Sometimes this can be even more difficult than finding the location believe it or not.

For this shoot, I knew it was going to be a hot and steamy day so layers were not going to be ideal. Pit stains and a neck full of sweat due to long hair? No thanks, sis. Also, keep in mind that I was going to be using a pop-up tent to change into other looks outside during this shoot – we were not going to be buying multiple coffees just to get into bathrooms.

My must-have attributes for the outfit were to make this super glam with the generic CVS background

So with all of this ruminating in your mind, where will your next shoot be?

3 Easy Grocery Store Photoshoot Ideas | NYC Pinterest Perfection
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All images shot by Some Shelly Photography: ☼ Photographer ☼ Illustrator ☼ Designer ☼ Content Creator ☼

She is the best! Reach out to her if you are looking to do a shoot in NY or NJ

3 Easy Grocery Store Photoshoot Ideas | NYC Pinterest Perfection

An old shoot of mine for Inspo | Balloons in Herald Square | Kate Spade

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