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Nov 2023
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Review of the Innovative Peel & Stick Wallpaper | Target Opalhouse Collection

“DIY friendly. Simply peel off to remove or leave up indefinitely. Ideal for renters and homeowners alike. A ready-to-use, self-adhesive product. No pastes or glues needed, and no residue left behind. Repositionable, making prints easy to align”

-Target’s Product Description

I had this on my walls for almost two years before taking it down in a rental property

I will be giving my personal rating, and if it really is as simple as just sticking it on, and then later just peeling it off with no damage done.

So is the marketing True? Let’s get into my experience in a rental apartment with Opal Houses’ peel and stick wallpaper. The description noted that it was safe for renters, so I decided to give it a shot.

When I came across the Opal House Collection at Target, I immediately was drawn into the collection that included peacocks in a pastel color palette. I couldn’t tell you why because I have never owned anything with a peacock print but it was the perfect divide between boho and elegance. Target’s price points are also a huge factor in the occasional impulse buys.

Shop the exact peacock wallpaper | Here

Step 1: Putting up the Wallpaper
The one clause that I would state as false would be this one: “Repositionable, making prints easy to align.”

You can easily plan out the measurements of where the wallpaper needs to go so I do agree with the easy to align, but what I don’t agree with is the repositionable aspect. Why? Well even if you have just stuck on a moderately small piece of wallpaper, imagine just the smallest corner, there are bubbles and crinkles forming once that wallpaper leaves the adhesive side. Taking your time with patience during the application and a gentle touch when applying it will not save you. Once the paper crinkles, it really will not be the same ever again. When in doubt, live with a slightly crooked alignment.

So how much wallpaper do you need to buy?

If you are planning on wallpapering even just one accent wall, it will take a lot more wallpaper than you think to complete this project. For one accent wall, I needed a little over two tubes full. I recommend buying more than you initially think that you would need

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Post application look of the wallpaper

The Wallpaper Take-Down

Was the peeling off of this wallpaper as easy as they make it out to be in the product description? The images below will show you my experience. I do not want to give this wallpaper a bad review as there are so many factors that come into play when adding things to your walls. Factors such as:

I did experience not only peeling off of paint, but also peeling off of the physical wall

You can see my attempt to add wall putty to try and even out the wall on my own, but at the end of the day the Landlord was going to need to hire someone to repair this wall and put on a few new coats of paint. If this ever happens to you, you might as well leave it to the experts to fix it vs spending money on your own trying to cover it up. I shouldn’t of wasted my own time and money fixing it as the repair person charged me around $350.00 to get this looking brand new again.

Review of the Innovative Peel & Stick Wallpaper | Target Opalhouse Collection
So what project will you do next?

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