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Dior Oblique Tote Dupes

Dior Oblique Tote Looks a Likes for $100 and Under

The Dior Oblique Tote has become a staple in society. The print of the D oblique motif can be found on pretty much everything that you can imagine. From the tote that started it all due to its versatility and size (turning into the exclusive bespoke personalized oblique tote with models and socialites names on them) it also has taken on the fashion world with clothing, shoes, bracelets, the whole nine yards.

Are accessory dupes trustworthy?

100% I have bought dupes over the years off of Etsy, Canal Street, Ebay, Amazon, Etc – from jewelry to hats, to blankets, to even this Dior bag! (I’ve only ever been scammed on Poshmark) Message me on Instagram if you have any further questions! @Meganquist

The authentic tote starts at $3,250.00 | Here are dupes from $95 – $400+

The Real Bag Below

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*Buy designer dupes at your own risk ⚠️ I am not responsible for any products that you are not satisfied with.

How to Find Designer Dupe Bags for $20 | Canal Street NYC | Lexington Ave NYC
Watch my Youtube Video to find out how!

Dior Oblique Tote Dupes

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