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15 Second New York APARTMENT TOUR | Functionality in Small Spaces

Here is a quick overview of how to have a well-decorated room with functional storage. Yes, you may want all of the bits and bobs that you see in the background of your favorite influencer’s pictures and videos, but you have to ask yourself do you have room for that? I admit that my room is covered head to toe in things, but I did my best with functional storage that included: Storage cubes, under-bed storage, vacuum seal bags, and tall cupboards.

Even wallpaper adds so much to a small space! No need to cover every square inch, just make an accent wall or two. Even if you have a rental, you can still find wallpaper options that are not permanent. This peacock wallpaper I purchased from Target and is considered Peel and Stick. It is a sticker that you can later peel off. Of course, if you have the traditional wallpaper paste or adhesive, the wallpaper will not be coming off.

I’ve shown everything except for the closet as it was stuffed to the max and not the most aesthetically pleasing. You can watch the REEL here.

Watch the clip

As you can see, the image above is right when you walk in the door. To no surprise, one of the first things that you will see is a clothing rack. Unless you have a walk-in closet or an extra closet in your apartment where you can store extra clothes (especially jackets), then you most likely are shoving things where ever they fit.

Clothing Racks

Great Beauty Storage Options

I didn’t know the exact square footage of our apartment and got 1,000 feet off of an old real estate listing, but I can assure you that the apartment isn’t actually 1,000 square feet!

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