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Shayne Silk Scrunchies | The Handmade Touch of Silk | Made in NYC

Scrunchies can make any look feel a little more put together. The best part about it, if you don’t feel like doing your hair just throw a scrunchie on.

Shayne was created by two sisters with a passion for size inclusivity and bringing transparency to the consumer on how their clothes are made. They incorporate amazing silks in their hair accessories and clothing pieces.

I was fortunate to be part of a giveaway for these silk scrunchies. I sleep on a silk pillowcase every-night to protect my hair, so you very well know I will also be using silk in my scrunchies. They are functional and fancy at the same time.

We went to shoot outside in Fidi by the decorated trees. The look that I am wearing in my hair is inspired by the Shayne online model’s style. This is super easy to do! Just section off parts of your hair and then make the scrunchie tight. To create a fuller look, pull the ends of your hair in-between so that it adds some volume.

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How big is a jumbo scrunchie? It is actually 4X the size of the average scrunchie. (Jumbo isn’t an understatement!) These are fun to throw on as an accent piece.

From the top half of your hair, a top-knot, at the end of a braid, to the backside, a jumbo scrunchie is a super easy accent piece.

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Shayne Silk Scrunchies | The Handmade Touch of Silk | Made in NYC

Try out this multi-layer scrunchie look!

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