How to Find Designer Dupe Bags for $20 | Canal Street NYC | Lexington Ave NYC

How to Find Designer Dupe Bags for $20 | Canal Street NYC | Lexington Ave NYC

· One thing I do not endorse is fake makeup of any sort, but I have no shame in these designer inspired bags. ·

02/23/2021 1 Comments

Canal Street to the naked eye is full of an absurd amount of people. Don’t even attempt to get your skinny vanilla latte at Starbucks if you are not in the mood for some long lines and a handful of shoves along the way from people on the street. There are also little street shops everywhere that do not look worth your time or money- I mean who needs another I heart NY Keychain anyways? But with a little guidance, knowing which turns to take, and what signs to look for, there are a handful of hidden gems.

In this video I will share with you tips and tricks on:
  • How to spot the signs of a seller on the street
  • Dos and don’ts when it comes to safety
  • How to not get ripped off
  • Things to check before buying the bag
  • Mistakes that I have learned from
Order of Bags Shown: Chanel, Prada, Gucci, Dior

Time Stamp: 10:28 Showing the actual bags up close

| Watch The How-To Video in order to Come Across These Bags |

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Cannot make it to NYC? | Here are some designer bag dupes Online

*Buying designer dupes online is never a guarantee that the product you received will look like the product picture, so make sure to look at reviews, and or see how many sales the shop has completed!

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