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Target You Can Always Find Something To Purchase | Holiday Photoshoot 2019

I saw an idea on Pinterest: It was a picture taken in Target where a girl was sitting next to the wrapping paper box holding candy cane lollipops over her eyes. Before this moment I had never really though of Target as a place for a “photoshoot” in a sense. Of course you will see people vlogging throughout Target and other stores, but I cannot say I have ever come across someone hosting their own photoshoot in Target.

It’s honestly Awkward Taking These Pictures but you will be Finished Before you Know it
(Taken in 2019 pre-pandemic)

Step one: Make sure you are going at a time when Target won’t be busy.

Even if you can get the perfect shot in just a few seconds, you won’t want random bystanders in the back of your picture. Even worse, if someone sees that you are trying to take a picture, but they really need to quickly grab that box of candies so they are just going to grab it. People are not going to amend their shopping lists just for your photo. To stop yourself from feeling as silly, and from getting in people’s way, I suggest going late at night around 9:00pm because the older crowd may be shopping early in the morning.

Target You Can Always Find Something To Purchase | Holiday Photoshoot
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Step Two: Make sure you have an idea in your head of how you want the background of your picture to look. You most likely will need to be actively moving products around you, as well as behind you. Obviously do not take Target’s visual merchandising to a whole new level, but subtly move around things to where someone may not exactly notice what you’ve done. I moved some wrapping paper and grabbed some props, walla!

My Dress | Rent the Runway | Black Halo Women’s Akeno Sheath Dress

I love-hate the notion that once you have been photographed in something, that you never want to wear it again. That is my thought process 100%. But thankfully there is a fiscally responsible way to not outfit repeat. It is Rent the Runway, where you can wear something once and then return it. Exactly what I did with this dress!

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