Barefoot Dreams In the Wild Dupe Blanket Sale $55.00 The Styled Collection

· Celebrities cozy up to these blankets year round according to the tabloids, but is it really worth it? ·

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Whether you actually use your blankets or if they serve as accent pieces, in the end they will get tussled around by pets, kids, yourself, etc. So is the high price tag that the celebrities pay something you should do too? Read on to find an irresistible dupe that looks and feels just like the real buttery original

Why is the Barefoot Dreams blanket so popular? It is because celebrities and bloggers have praised this blanket for years. I mean if Chrissy Teigen says she uses this blanket basically everyday of her life it has to be good right? I don’t deny that the Barefoot Dreams Blanket is soft as butter, but I do advocate for the Sweet Dreams Blanket as a breathtaking dupe for only $55 instead of $180.

Both of these blankets are 100% Polyester so why not choose one thats less than 1/2 the price at $55 and still just as soft?

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Details below on the Authentic Barefoot Dreams Blanket Below

As you can see, the authentic blanket is 100% polyester- there isn’t cashmere or wool in it!

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Sweet Dreams Blanket Facts
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