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Solid Core Soho | How to get Your Core Muscles to Shake with Fatigue

Solid Core Soho | How to get Your Core Muscles to Shake with Fatigue

When it comes to fitness studios in New York, there is an overwhelming amount of choices. According to ClassPass there are over 2.2K options available. That 2.2K does not even include studios in Brooklyn!

Solid Core Soho | How to get Your Core Muscles to Shake with Fatigue

Before giving my opinion on this workout method, I wanted to let you know that I am very open to all types of workouts (minus dance). Body by Simone was a struggle of a class for me.

When it is time to decide which studio to go to, the typical determining factor is location. Most people are not going to travel 45 minutes just to get to the other side of the island for a workout class. Time is precious especially when the MTA and traffic take a-lot more away from you than you want them to on a daily basis. Price isn’t necessarily a factor because there really isn’t a “cheap” fitness studio. We decided on Solid Core since we could walk from work. This was my very first time trying not only this studio, but also this type of workout.

Solid Core | The Ultimate Slow Burn | I LOVED IT

I never became an avid pilates person. Therefore it was really intriguing to see the machines- because I had no idea how these were going to work my core. The workout was slow and controlled resistance training to break down slow-twitch muscle fibers. Science shows that this is the most effective way to create long lean muscle tone. Although the movements were small, the burn was large.

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Solid Core has over 50 locations, see if they have one near you!

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