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How to Pre-Game The SantaCon NYC Bar Crawl Buoyant Boozy Holiday Piñatas | Nipyata Piñatas

When it comes to the SantaCon bar crawl, or any bar crawl for that matter, a boozy piñata is exactly what you need for a pre-game. When the piñata comes crashing open you are not going to find a wine bag or have a spewing mess of vodka come exploding out. Instead you will find the most perfect assortment of alcohol nips mixed in with candy.

Nipyata has a selection of boozy piñatas to choose from. Any life event that you can think of – they have a piñata for it. The holiday collection includes two of my favorite which are a Drunken Santa, and a Merry Happy Classy Burrito.

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If you are not into donkey’s or drunk Santa piñatas, no fear the fun doesn’t stop there. You can create this scenario on your own with a DIY version of a Nipyata! Just take any piñata and fill it with your own candy + nips. Even better, you can personalize it to have the exact flavors that you or your guest of honor enjoy the best.

Holiday Themed Pinatas

If you want to make this pinata more kid friendly there also is always the option to fill it with cute little party favors. Here are a handful from Amazon that include various little toy figurines, games, stickers, etc.

Candy Bag Fillers | Toys & Activities

Photos By: Alex Ashman Photography

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