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December Designer Dupes | Chanel Beanies for Under $50

When it comes to gifts on a budget, one of my favorite things to look for are designer dupes. A Chanel beanie can run you anywhere from $500-$1,000+. But on the other hand, a dupe can be as a cheap as $30. Of course a dupe could be social suicide to some people, and yes I would gift $1,000 beanies everyday if I could- so play your cards right.

If the dupe is around 1/2 the price of the real deal, then I say skip it. Just save up for the real thing. But, if the item is under $100, it can serve as a good placeholder piece, or a gift.

Yes some dupes may haunt you and make you assume that all dupes are as bad as those faux canal street MK Michael Kors bags where the logo looks like a WK upside down- but trust me there are good ones out there. I do always laugh and wonder if the sellers just wear those terrible fakes to seem incognito or if they genuinely do enjoy them?

After I left NY I though I was doomed and that I was never going to see a good dupe again, but I was wrong. I have linked below all of these dupes that I found on Etsy. A majority of these are Chanel, but follow me on LTK as I am updating weekly various dupes that I find across all brands such as Gucci, Dior, David Yurman, and LV. My one rule of thumb is to never buy or sell dupes on Poshmark. You will be most likely scammed, and you run the risk of getting your account deleted.

Chanel Beanies
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