Daily Deposit with Macy McNeely vs. It’s a New Day Notepad with Stefany Banda

12/29/2020 0 Comments

A little bit of productivity daily can go a long way

When it comes to productivity there is an overwhelming number of resources and products that you can use. Of course the easiest most accessible item is the notes in your phone, Google Calendar or the Reminder app.

I personally find myself held to a higher level of accountability when I am physically writing down my to-dos vs. just typing them. There is just something about actually writing it down, and then also being able to cross them out.

Productivity Notebooks

In this video I will be looking at the pros & cons of Stefany Banda’s: A New Day Notebook and Macy McNeely’s Daily Deposit. The major differences is that one is a physically bound book, while the other is a notepad where there is no looking back at past pages as you dispose of them.

Watch here to see which may suit you better!


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