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Twirling through Manhattan in a Noteworthy Red Ballgown | Someshelly Photography

Twirling through Manhattan in a Noteworthy Red Ballgown | Someshelly Photography

· All photos taken by Some Shelly Photography ·

12/06/2020 0 Comments

It's not as glamorous as it seems to be running around NYC during a photoshoot- It's changing in public bathrooms, a pop-up changing tent, changing in cars, or even changing in the wide open streets

When you see someone on Instagram taking photos in multiple outfits on their stories, do you ever wonder where they are changing into these looks? Where are they putting all of their outfit changes while posing for the pictures, and how are they carrying all of this stuff around? Ever wonder what time of day they are taking these pictures to have no one in the background?

The realities of Changing Looks During shoots-

-Whether you are with a professional photographer, your friend with a camera or iPhone, or even just by yourself with a tripod and self-timer, the realities of changing looks during a shoot is actually a hassled mess. It’s changing in public bathrooms, a pop-up changing tent (what Shelly uses and carries around for us), changing in cars, or even changing in the wide open streets. I’ve done all of these except for change in a car, but a lot of people and influencers have to do this during NYFW.

Pop-up Changing Tent | Duffle Bags | Jewelry Holder

When you book a shoot the price you are paying is typically for more than one outfit. When time is precious, you also want to shoot as many looks as you can in one day. A majority of the time you will not be taking pictures near your apartment (not able to run inside to change). This calls for not only planning everything out as to what to wear, but how to transport it, and how to change into it.

For myself, the reality of this shoot was stuffing this large red dress in a garbage bag, throwing that bag in another large bag. Along with that on my other arm, carrying my other 2 looks in a large duffle bag- and then finally wearing comfortable clothes for the train ride. All while trying not to sweat off my make-up.

This big red ruffled dress I actually got off of Poshmark. It was a girls custom pageant dress, that is why it doesn’t exactly fit me just right. I was inspired by some photos that I had seen on instagram of big dresses around the city. We shot in Seaport District on the water early in the morning. This was perfect so that there wasn’t any bystanders in the background. Early bird gets the worm! Earlier the shoot, the better in NYC!

My Dress | Sweetheart Mermaid Pageant Dress
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