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Spectacular Byzantine Meteora Monasteries in Absolute Isolation| Kalambaka

En-route for the Meteora Monasteries, we came across the world’s longest cable-stayed bridge. This bridge named the Rion-Antirion is so long that it connects the Peloponnese with the mainland. This bridge and the entire journey to Kalambaka was about SEVEN hours. The long drive was worth it because there are a handful of Monasteries around the world that are very private and do not open their doors. Although Monks and Nuns live there, they do not interact with the visitors.

Since early Christian times, the cliffs of Meteora were regarded as a perfect place to achieve absolute isolation. From the images below you can see that when fog races over the land, the cliffs are almost completely hidden. These monasteries are perched on sheer-sided gray rock pinnacles of varied shapes. The angle at which the structures sit on the rock gives off an amazing illusion that the monasteries are suspended in mid-air. The monks that live here are dedicated to their religion. Monk culture varies across Christian, Orthodox, Catholic, and a handful of other religions.

Pictures were not allowed inside the building. Before entering we lit a candle as a notion of respect and prayer. Inside the decor is breathtaking. From hand-painted murals with real gold flecks to medieval-looking furniture, and intricate design when it comes to archways, windows, and ceilings. You would not be able to find traces of modern technology inside.

The monastery blends in with the rocks so well, the architecture is unlike anything else.

My look may not have been exactly monastery appropriate, I really should have read into where we were going first as the culture is to cover up for women. I was able to keep my shearling jacket tight around me to show no traces of a bandeau, and the skirt was perfect as it was longer. Leaving the hotel to start on our seven-hour adventure, my shoes were so slippery that I ended up wiping out with suitcases in hand. I had a nice bleeding and stinging leg for the next 7 hours.

One of the main rules of the monasteries is that women have to cover up and that they cannot wear pants. If you were in shorts or pants you were given a fabric skirt to put on.

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    The photos are absolutely gorgeous. I can’t believe they have castle like homes on top of the mountains- it’s like out of a fairy tail!

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