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Nov 2023
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Churros On the go with MetRX Meal Replacement Bar

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When time is ticking by faster than you can control, sometimes all you need is a meal replacement bar. Although the fact that having your entire meal replaced by a bar takes out the fun of cooking and having an array of tastes, I am sure that you would also rather have something on the go over not having anything at all.

MetRX has a variety of meal replacement bars. What really caught my eye was some of the very unique flavors. I had never seen 3/4 of these flavors as an option even for a granola bar.

Drooling at this flavor selection

Vanilla Caramel Churro sounded the best to me. Some other unique flavors included: Crispy Apple Pie, Jelly Donut, Peanut Butter Pretzel, and Super Cookie Crunch (Oreo Vibes).

Vanilla Caramel Churro Below

Step into the meal replacement bar section at any health foods store and you will usually find:

How to move away from all of the above? Find something that actually keeps you satisfied, but most importantly empowered to do a workout without that hangry thought running through your head.

The label Shows 30g of Metamyosyn protein | What is that?

Metamyosyn protein is based on metabolic research to help support lean muscle mass. Metamyosyn combines milk protein with slow-acting casein, plus L-glutamine. The precise combination of proteins in metamyosyn offers a sustained release of amino acids and provides your body with a highly bioavailable fuel that helps support lean muscle mass and strength.

So only one question remains, are you going to step up your protein game with a protein-filled super cookie or jelly donut?

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These bars were gifted to me

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