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The McKittrick Hotel | Alfred Hitchcock Halloween Party

The McKittrick Hotel | An Alluring & Theatrical Hitchcock Halloween Party

This Halloween party held a “Great Gatsby” level of decadent production. There was a full-on theatrical Hitchcock production in each room across various floors of The McKittrick Hotel. This hotel on W27th Street in Chelsea, is known for being the best of the best when it comes to theatrical performances, as they are known for Shakespeare’s Sleep No More. The hotel holds “Eclectic interactive performances in a 5-story pseudo hotel (warehouse) with oddball settings & bar.”

The McKittrick Hotel | Alfred Hitchcock Halloween Party
The McKittrick Hotel | Alfred Hitchcock Halloween Party

People came to SLAY with their costumes. No polyester banana suit or last-minute thrown on cat ears were seen throughout the night. Everyone was very elaborate and sexy in their costume choices that either embodied a Hitchcock film, or something that embodied Old Hollywood Glamour styles between the 1930s-1960s. My costume was embodying Old Hollywood glamour with a fur shrug, pearls, and a paisley dress.

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If you are not familiar with Alfred Hitchcock, you are most likely familiar with his film Psycho from 1960. Another signature of his are birds. Not just any bird but black crows from his film The Birds. A handful of costumes were elaborately portraying birds, and or had those large bird beak masks from the plague.

The old McKittrick hotel became an extravagant maze of various activities to enjoy amongst the open bars.

I honestly couldn’t list just one favorite favorite room between: the dance party productions, photo-ops in scenes of scary horror events happening all around you, moving viewing rooms, live music, musical skits that included drag queens such as Sasha Fierce, haunted rubble to walk through, and even a nightclub section.

A look at LYs @themckittrick Hotel’s Alfred Hitchcock Halloween Party! Hitchcock would have been proud of this party as it exuded glamour around every corner with a splash of horror! #alfredhitchcock #hitchcock #themckittrickhotel #halloweenpartynyc #thebirds #psycho #theater #sashafierce #costumes

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