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3 People standing in front of a butterfly statue at Fougaro Cultural Center

Minnetonka Highschool Symphony Band Concert in Charming Nafplio, Peloponnese

We came on this Grand Tour of classical Greece to hear the Minnetonka Symphony & Wind Ensemble play, and tonight was the first performance. The concert was taking place at the Fougaro Cultural Center in Naflpio. It was a beautiful night, as the lights shined among the water feature and the orange trees before the sun was about to set.

What was unique about the experience is that us American’s were not the only one’s enjoying the concert. This night of music was open to the public. We were joined by locals. The concert hall was a large bright concert hall where the music echo’d beautifully. My sister Faith played the trumpet.

Nafplio is apparently one of the most romantic cities in Greece. This is due to the Neoclassical buildings, enticing shops and restaurants, and the cute Port Town. We were only there for a night, but if I do ever get the chance to go back to Greece, this would be somewhere I would love to explore more. After the concert, we were greeted with a buffet at the Amalia Hotel.

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I paired a leopard silk dress with a slit with a Gucci wristlet and lace-up heels.

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