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Hermes Dupes to Shop! $33

Hermes Avalon Throw Blanket “H” Blanket DUPES! Exact Match

Above this text are the Hermes dupes for $66.00, and below is the real Avalon Throw, how close are these! The Styled Collection also has Cashmere as the main fabric for these pillows and blankets, these are not some cheesy screen printed cotton dupes my friend. They are currently $66.00, but on sale for $33.00 with the LTKFall promo code! The sale ends tonight, so get to shopping!

Use Code: LTKFall for 50% your order!

Shop the picture!

Here is a screenshot of my order, i’m so excited for these to come in December!

3 responses to “Hermes Avalon Throw Blanket “H” Blanket DUPES! Exact Match”

  1. I bought one of these dupes from a local store for 4 times the price. Unfortunately, it’s a dupe in more ways than one – my smell test, feel test, water test and filament-burn test suggests it’s mostly acrylic – the “90% wool 10% cashmere blend” the ads all say probably means 90% wool blend (ie 10% wool and 90% acrylic). For the low price you’re paying and just for looks, it’s fine. For the price I paid it’s not, so I’m returning it. As with acrylic, I found it doesn’t have the heat trapping yet breathable properties of wool. I suspect it may pill. If you have a different experience I’m keen to hear!

    • Ah so good to know! Mine should be shipping early next week, I hope the quality is superior, we will see! I am mostly looking to use it as just a decor accent piece

  2. You say these are dupes but ARE THEY? Are they made of same wool and cashmere mix? Is the weave and weight the same? I have authentic
    ones and expect them to match

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