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Thanksgiving Spent with Soulcycle’s #TurkeyBurn, & an Empty Manhattan

4:30 am wake-up call on Thanksgiving.

What prompts this excessive alarm that I have set for myself? Soulcycle’s #TurkeyBurn is my motivation. (I also never get up after the first alarm, so a few alarms were necessary in order to wakey-wakey). It takes me a good hour to be fully awake, caffeinated, dressed, and on my way to the train. The Turkeyburn is a 90 minutes class, which you can do pre or post-turkey filled belly.

The perks of living in Astoria: Lot’s of space while stretching your $ Downside of living in Astoria: On average I am on the train for almost 40 minutes when I want to get into the city, and almost an hour when it comes to getting down to the Financial District. When service is limited in the morning, you really need to time things right or you will miss your class!

Long Story Short:

I missed my class due to train delays and Google Maps not being on my side. This is nothing new to me, i’ve learned to never let the MTA get the best of you- or you will be a bitter New Yorker everyday. I was able to get into the later class, but #sadface that it was not also a #Turkeyburn. Once class is over I get ready at Soulcycle (using some of the best shampoo) and get ready with the dress that I have been anticipating wearing before heading off to work. (Yes I worked on Thanksgiving since THG is based in the UK where Thanksgiving isn’t a holiday!). I wasn’t able to fly back to Minnesota to be with family unfortunately with limited PTO.

My look: Zara contrast velvet dress, pearl knot headband, Kendra Scott earrings, knee high socks, and some heeled booties. And of course the turkey hat also had to make an appearance!

A Blair Waldorf inspired look, I loved this preppy dress. But let me tell you, it was not an easy find. After searching high and low across the internet due it being sold out on, I found a British seller on Depop.

This has happened to me numerous times where I would see something that I loved full-price at Zara, and by the time I waited for it to be marked down it would be sold out. Not just sold out in the store and online, but sold out to the point where you have to scour re-seller websites such as Poshmark, Mercari, and Depop.

If you see something that you have to have at Zara scoop it up while you can! The reseller sites most likely will have it listed for higher than the original price once they know that it is sold out and a hot commodity!

At the start of the evening at work, we had our own little feast:

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