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Nov 2023
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Lattes that are Prada, Dior & More! Stylishly caffeinated | Coffee ‘n Clothes| Designer Lattes in NYC you MUST Visit

You can’t get a Gucci latte at the Gucci store, nor can you get a Nike latte at the Nike store. So, how does one obtain these beautifully crafted lattes? The answer is Coffee ’n Clothes. $5.75 for an oat milk latte is nothing new in NY, so why not have your latte exude a little more flair for the same cost?

Virtual tour available on their website. Although this looks spacious, the NY location only had two really small tables.

Getting there & Location

This place was actually really hard to find even with Google Maps, beware! When walking from the Bleeker Street station stop, look out for a checkered flag around a corner, this coffee shop isn’t marked with a large sign. It is my pet peeve when Maps tells you that you have arrived when you really haven’t.

NOHO is a cute area, perfect for taking a picture with your latte afterward. It was a rainy day when I went, which left me to take pictures inside. Either way, your Instagram won’t disappoint you!

The Creation

How is this beautiful creation made? A stencil of the brand logo is held over the final latte foam leaf and sprinkled with what I am guessing is espresso. Whatever it is, it is tasteless! You are currently thinking “how did I not think of this business idea?!” Oh Boo, me too!

The available lattes will be on a menu at the coffee bar. As you can see from the menu image and image of the actual latte I purchased, the Prada print differed as there was no border. But nonetheless, love the look! There are also designer cookies and cupcakes for sale as well as a little sweet treat pairing.

Artwork & Museum Portion

The mural on the wall with the bench seating has various designer logos and items. The artwork on the wall behind me and throughout the coffee shop also includes designers as well. The coffee portion of the building is so small because the rest of the space is a mini-museum and shop!

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