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1920s Inspired Street Style with Chunky Sneakers

1920s Inspired Street Style with Chunky Sneakers

I am absolutely in love with the fact that it is acceptable to wear chunky sneakers with pretty much anything. Even a formal dress shouldn’t defer you from putting on sneakers. Whether you have designer sneakers, Fila’s, or just a pair from Forever 21 throw them on honey! My personal favorites are the really high heels. The higher the heel or chunkiness, the more I live for them. (Although they do look somewhat clown like, they surprisingly are not hard to walk in).

Going to a live event in NY, I decided to make my look embody both formal wear and street style by putting on a fringe dress. I had just gotten this dress & sneakers from Zara, but the event wasn’t formal enough for a full on heels look.

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