A MUST HAVE Adult Party Item| Feat. Nipyata|

· What is a Nipyata? It is an exciting and boozy take on a Pinata. ·

07/13/2020 0 Comments

On a rainy afternoon in a NYC high rise we had a blast with a mini pinata party

A whole new exciting and boozy take on a Pinata is here with Nipyata. Whether it is a national holiday, someone’s birthday, or if you are just trying to spice up a weekend where you have nothing to do, this is what you need. Even better, surprise your friends so that when they are expecting just candy, even better it starts to rain liquor!

Nipyata = 80% Alcohol Nips, 20% Candy

I also was not aware that these plastic shots were called “nips” after seeing them so many times!

There are various Pinatas for every occasion:

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The best part is that it comes with a stick and blindfold.

If you are looking for a little DIY, make your own nips with liquor or juice and add them into a Pinata!

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Have fun Nipyataing!


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