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ACCUTANE TELL-ALL AT AGE 25: Is $2,000 for Clear Skin worth it?! Everything YOU NEED TO KNOW

#1 point i’d like to get across: It will never hurt to at least ask your Dermatologist if this drug may be able to help you now or in the future. Regardless of your age, type and size of acne, or fears from seeing other people’s side effects, everyone is a candidate. What has happened to other individuals on Accutane doesn’t always happen to everyone, and might not happen to you.

*I am not an M.D. so please consult with your doctor before making any decisions or opinions about Accutane. I am here to share my personal experience, friends experiences, and what I learned through others on Youtube! We are all open books on this process.

Youtube Video Explaining my journey: Click below!

A little background: WHAT IS ACCUTANE? Accutane is mostly made up of a large portion of Vitamin A. It stops acne production by re-working the microbiome of your skin and reducing the production of oil. Acne is created with a build-up of oil underneath the skin’s surface. With little to no oil, your skin starts to dry-up and stop producing acne. This is why the number one side effect is dry, cracking, and sometimes even bloody skin. Not only is this changing your oil glands but it is also affecting your organs, specifically the liver. Monthly blood work gauges how your body is reacting to all of these changes.

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DEPRESSION? One of the most talked about side effects of this drug is depression. This factor also really concerned myself as well when I was doing initial research. Although I do not have depression, nor do I have a family history of it, that doesn’t mean that I would be protected from major mood changes. But, if you look further into studies on this drug there actually is not enough concrete research that proves that Accutane was the entire cause of patients becoming depressed. In fact, a large majority of patients actually had the opposite effect. Their mindset was turned to self-love and body positivity because acne was no longer bringing down their self esteem.

HAIR LOSS? Some people experience hair loss on Accutane. This has occurred to people at various stages, it does not mean it will not occur until you have been on the drug for a few months, some people have shared over Youtube that they experienced hair loss right away. The hair-loss can vary from thinning your hair, to chunks coming out when you brush your hair, to full on bald spots. I personally did not experience hair-loss and I even

DRYNESS? The one factor that you cannot avoid is dryness. I recommend prepping your skin even before you start taking the medication. The month that you are waiting to be approved by Ipledge is the time to get to work. If your skincare routine consists of washing your face and using anything that is drying it out further, it is time to put those products in the closet. Every Night and morning use hyaluronic acid, a moisturizer, sunscreen, and if you have time a sheet mask as well.

COST? Be prepared to fork up a couple hundred each month for the prescription. Without insurance one month supply is $1,000. With insurance it will go down to around $300.00. Most generic coupons that you can find online or with GoodRX will not be applicable. Luckily an associate at CVS Pharmacy was able to find an internal coupon that brought it down to $217. Also with the cost of office visits and lab work, you are looking to spend at least $2,000 if the prescription takes you through the average minimum amount of time which is 6 months.


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