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7 Sensational Elsa Costume Essentials for Halloween

Elsa is a sensational character that millions of people have become infatuated with. With her signature long blonde hair, blue dress, and magical voice, she empowers you to feel like you can do anything.

If you too want to be Elsa for Halloween or any day of the week, here are the essentials that you need to have the powers of ice and snow:

The number one thing you need to be Elsa is the commitment to finding yourself. Never conceal and hide your feelings.

Regardless if it is Halloween or any of the 365 days out of the year, here are my favorite picks for creating an Elsa look. You by all means do not need all of these to look and feel like Elsa! Whether it is one or two pieces, have fun getting dressed up in the process.

Costume Details & Ideas:

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Dress: I purchased the first dress shown, which was a one size fits all for adults. It is very comfortable with no zippers or buttons and even has a shimmering train.

Accessories: Any sort of crown will do. I fell in love with these snowflake accented pieces. You can go all out with necklaces, bracelets, earrings, extra jewels, and rings.

Hair: I decided to go with her signature braid. My hair is golden blonde, so I did not feel the need to get a wig. I do typically wear extensions, this is what allows my hair to be so long and thick. To add in a little extra touch I added jeweled snowflake clips to my hair as well. No matter what color your hair is, put a braid and some snowflakes in!

Shoes: Silver sparkles are they way to go. Whether you want heels or flats get your sparkle on.

Nails: Although Elsa’s nails are more on the simple side, I fell in love with the glue on ombre sparkle nails that I used.

Make-up: Although Elsa wears purple eyeshadow, I decided to go with blue to match the dress. I also added some extra jewel stickers on the corner of my eyes and my collar bone. This is just keeping it simple as there are some Youtube tutorials on Elsa looks that are absolutely stunning!

A best friend: Olaf! I thought it was a super cute idea to get this purse that was a miniature Olaf. I needed a purse in order to hold my keys and money for the night out. This always happens to me on Amazon, I just gauge the size off of the thumbnail of the image and then after I open the package, the item is 1/3 the size I thought it would be. That was the case with this purse as it could barely fit my keys. There was no chance of it.

Follow this Pinterest board to save down your costume ideas for when you become the magical Elsa!

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