Fila: The Rise of the “Dad Shoe”

· Dad shoes have become a personal serious addiction. ·

12/24/2019 0 Comments

Although they are essentially old news at this point, it does not look like they will be leaving the fashion scene anytime soon.

When I got my first pair of Dad shoes about a year ago I will admit I was very skeptical of this new style. I had purchased a sequined version of the “Dad Shoe” for a music festival because I thought of these as more of an event or costume shoe vs. an everyday shoe. But boy was I wrong. Sneakers are one of the fastest grossing revenue drivers in fashion today. According to a case study done by EDITED, sneakers brought in $246 billion in 2018.

The pair of shoes that I was sent were the Fila Ray Tracer. These were both functional and stylish. I also preferred the fact that they were not bright white so that they would not show wear and tear from being outside as easily.

After some time I warmed up to them, because who doesn’t want comfort! After getting on the chunky sneaker train, I honestly started to abandon all of my wedge heels and started to wear sneakers almost everyday to work.

If you thought these were pretty heavy on the “chunky” scale, boy were you wrong. These are what I would consider a 4 out of 10 on the chunk scale as some sneakers make you feel as if you have stepped right into some platforms.


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