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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert LIVE in NYC: How to get into a LIVE taping!

A perk of living in New York is that some of your favorite people on T.V. are meandering around and working every single day amongst you. A countless number of TV shows are also being taped live in the city every week.

With a simple Google search, you can find websites that allow you to apply to get tickets to live tapings. This includes anything from Good Morning America, Live with Kelly and Ryan, The View, The Talk, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers, James Corden, The Voice, the list continues!

One of late night’s veteran favorite’s is Stephen Colbert, you can find him on CBS. The #LSSC (Late Show Stephen Colbert) -don’t worry I am not a weekly watcher of this show and I was stumped by the #LSSC too. My boyfriend watches Stephen here and there and wanted to see him during a live taping.

Rules of a LIVE taping:

1. NO PHONES! The moment you are seen with your cell phone out you are kicked out. The moment your cell phone makes a noise you are kicked out. The moment you ever try to ask for a photo of the host or one of their guests or sneak one you are kicked out. (This is the time to just enjoy the experience in real-time and remember it without any documentation)

2. The louder the better! This is where even borderline screaming and obnoxious laughs are acceptable. Not only is the volume for the at-home audience, but it is mainly to exhilarate and excite the person who is hosting the show. I mean, imagine speaking to an empty room of people every day while projecting confidence and excitement for what you are speaking to – not easy!

3. Always Smile. You never know when the cameras may roll back onto the crowd. You want yourself to look good on your few seconds of fame!

Overall it was a really fun experience even though I wasn’t a die-hard fan of the show. I highly recommend trying to get into a live taping if you have extra time on your trip. Try and get there as early as you can! The line gets long fast, and the earlier that you are in line, the closer to the front of the stage you will sit. The best part is going home and watching the show air live and looking for yourself in the audience.

After the show, we went to the Supernova hotel rooftop bar which was within walking distance of the taping venue. A 6,000 square foot terrace wraps around the hotel. The rooftop terrace was perfect at night as we were on-looking at Times Square’s views in the background, these types of venues are what never get old about New York. The ambiance was European, and the food was nothing shy of 4 stars. Never initially cross off a hotel when looking for drinks. Some hotels have some of the most breathtaking features and niche furnishings that you don’t want to pass up.

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