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Nov 2023
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Orange Monochrome Look

I was inspired by all of the monochrome blazer and pant sets that I had been seeing across my Instagram feed, and wanted to replicate the look. From sweaters and trousers, to biker shorts and crop tops, this monochromatic look seemed to be taking over Instagram by storm.

I decided to see how much color I had in my closet before going out and purchasing anything new. (Because the closet space is limited!!) Although I do live in New York I find myself to wear much more color than the “average New Yorker” plastered in greys and blacks and the occasional cream or beige.

Going through my closet I had come across splashes of yellow and green. These aren’t the most flattering color on me, so I decided to go with a neighboring color: orange. I never found myself gravitating towards this very orange skirt I had due to the conservative length on it. I felt like I embodied more of a grandma while wearing it vs. it serving more of a preppy purpose. But, wearing the skirt with an orange silky blouse, small orange bag, and orange tassel earrings, it went from being a conservative Ann Taylor look to a chic monochromatic look in seconds.

Orange shoes were the only thing missing, but I decided to go with some black and white polka dot wedge heels to add some contrast to the look.

Walking throughout the neighborhood I even came across some orange traffic cones, how fitting! To get a similar orange look, shop below!

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