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Nov 2023
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Sip and Shoot: My Life Out of Office

My Life Out of Office (My Life OOO) is not only a website with basically everything you could ever need, but it also connects people. Their website and Instagram is a wealth of knowledge for things to do outside of the 9-5 work day (or however long your work day is). From the best NYC spots to go to, food/drink suggestions, workout spots, shopping deals, self-care, Fads, and if that $20 seemingly absurd drink is worth it or not, they are your go to.

My Life OOO was even featured on Forbes 30 under 30!

One of the featured email events was a photoshoot. The time slots for the shoot started as early as 7:00am! Laurel Creative was one of the photographers. I had seen her work across Instagram for events and blog photoshoots loved the look of her work. This “Sip and Shoot” was in the Financial District. Although Fidi is nowhere near my apartment, it is not too far from Midtown where I worked. I booked an 7:30am spot, and was delighted that the “sip” part of this was Dunkin Donuts Coffee along with donuts. If you ever book an evening shoot the “sip” is champagne.

Although it was absolutely freezing outside (40 degrees), we went out in groups of three, and jumped up and down to try and keep the body temperature up. My outfit happened to be an open skirt and a crop top, pretty much 0% practical. The faux fur jacket didn’t add much.

Out shooting time slots were short, but we were all eager to get back inside to warmth. I loved Laurel’s direction. She knew exactly how to direct you, and gave direction on where to look, how fast to walk, etc.

I loved that I came alone this morning so that it forced me to talk to people that I didn’t know. One girl that I met was from Texas and actually worked in finance at Goldman Sachs. Although her area of work is very time consuming, she still finds time to blog on the side.

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