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Kin Euphorics: All Bliss, no Booze

A co-worker had mentioned to me that she had just purchased Kin Euphorics. I was intrigued as I started to scroll through their Instagram. Kin Euphorics is a mixer that you can add to a drink of choice. But, this is not an alcoholic mixer, as it is meant to give you that blissful feeling of a buzz that you would get from alcohol (with 0% alcohol).

So how is this possible, what is in this drink? Adaptogens and nootropics make this possible.

Adaptogens: Are non-toxic plants. Although there is not enough hard evidence and research to claim their effectiveness, they have been used for thousands of years. The Chinese have used them as a healing mechanism. The main power of adaptogens are to rid your body of stress. This Time article explains everything further.

Nootropics: These can be natural or synthetic. A nootropic you probably have every day without even thinking about is caffeine. Nootropics are basically just a mental enhancer. Other common nootropics include L-Theanine and creatine. Read more on healthline.

High Rhode: This is their main drink mixer which we used for our pool day. A day in the sun without a hangover is a win-win situation. There are also now on the go spritzers in cans! Kin Spritz, shop here.

My suit: Shein does it again!

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