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Cheetah Print & The UES | Pitstop at Ralph’s Coffee Truck NYC

From fast fashion to luxury, the animals have not been hiding behind the trees in the world of fashion. Cheetahs, snakes, leopards, you name it they are on any type of clothing. I am not a person who is afraid of color, or prints, as my closet does not consist of only blacks, greys, and whites, as most New Yorker’s do.

I actually came across these leopard pants (and yes I had to look up the difference between cheetah/leopard/jaguar print) on the sale rack at Topshop. Apparently, they were last season’s leopard print, but who can really tell right? *Fact about Topshop’s jeans, they run SMALL. If they are also holding cotton as their majority portion of fabric, I would recommend going up a size or two. Of course, when I purchased these I was not in the mood to try anything on. When I got home I did not try them on either. I was running late getting ready for brunch and decided to put them on. To my dismay, they could barely zip. I just could not hold much in my bladder during this brunch- oh the things you do for fashion.

Across the street, I saw some caution tape and thought how perfect it would contrast against this subtly colored outfit.

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