Hoobsy: Phone Case Necklaces

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08/19/2019 0 Comments

This is perfect for anyone that has lost their phone on a night out drinking, needing to be hands free, or if you don't want to carry a purse! I am guilty of drinking too much and loosing my Iphone. Although there is no worry about losing any actual data or photos with the iCloud, the cost of a new Iphone (even with insurance) is never cheap. Stay close to your phone all night with the Hoobsy strap.

Just snap your phone in the case and you are ready to go for the rest of the day! The strap on the phone case connects right at the bottom, and is perfect for everyday use or events. Ever find yourself misplacing your phone, or confusing your regular phone from your work phone? With Hoobsy anything is possible as you can go hands free. No need for a wallet either as you can just slide your cards and or ID in the back of the phone case.

Each phone case is priced at $26.00, Shop Here! Use code: MEGAN19 for 20% off your order

My first outing with Hoobsy was on the 4th of July. The red white and blue strap named “Stars and Stripes” was perfectly on theme. We were walking to new bar in Brooklyn, and I found the perfect little set-up outside of “Wonderworld.

One last thing that I love about this product is that it was not only created by entrepreneurs, but young entrepreneurs in their early 20s! The brother and sister duo were on a mission to simplify your life.


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