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Nov 2023
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Travel in Style | Stop using your Parent’s hand-me-down luggage

What is your current suitcase situation? Using hand me downs from your parents? Currently holding on with only 4 wheels? Bougjie suitcases that make you cringe every time you see a new scratch? Picked up some at Marshall’s/TJ Maxx (along with a handful of other things you didn’t need?).

Regardless of what your current suitcase situation is, I highly recommend a suitcase that is lightweight and one where the wheels go every which direction. I myself used to use my parents hand-me-down luggage. Once I reviewed the luggage from Design Love Fest and tried it out, it was life changing! I am a girl who always, always, always, packs way too much stuff. They’ve let me by with 51 pounds a few times.

Typically I am transferring stuff out of my checked bag into my multiple carry on bags frantically. As sweat beats down my face while re-arranging and then sitting on my suitcase to try and close it, I internally scorn myself for thinking I needed all of this stuff. Once I got this new suitcase by —-this all changed. The new lightweight body allowed me to add a few more pounds of stuff.


There are the fancy Away Suitcases (which so have beautiful Subway take over ads, and also apparently blow up with the charger inside), and plenty of other high ticket luggage items available. But, I say depending on your travel schedule, do not shell out all your money on luggage until: you have grown into adulthood with a salary to fund this luggage, have proper storage for it- aka not cramming it into a closet with a hundred other things, and won’t be taking it on trashy trips like Fyre Festival.

This is the lavender Hardside Suitcase 

Unless you are an avid traveler by all means get some luggage that will hold up for all of the baggage claim days of being thrown on and off the plane! I have taken these suitcases back and forth from Minnesota to NY, and even to Greece!

Design Love Fest

This line at Target even has matching travel baggies which will save you from using all those Ziploc bags. I love the holes in the bags as a breathable aspect so that I can put my gym/cycling shoes away in a cleaner manner. Design Love Fest has everything you need travel wise from neck pillows, backpacks, storage solutions, and the cutest pastel color palette.


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